Message from the Chairman

I am extremely happy that Sylhet Women's Medical College & Hospital has grown successfully over the last 9 years. Many of Holy Sylhet Holding Ltd share holders and directors most of them are from abroad in UK, USA and the Middle-East countries. It is a great privilege that our organization has been able to create a quality Medical college & Hospital and advanced healthcare services for the people of our country for the last four decades of continuous humanitarian service for people in medical need, we have diversified to produce graduate medical professionals for our health care services in Bangladesh. Since 2006 we have helped local people, using Sylhet Female Medical Students, to gain medical care in our hospitals. This Medical College is committed to provide and to ensure quality education in medical profession.

At present, the attached Teaching Hospital has about 625 Beds and in a span of another within two years it will be a 700 Bed Hospital. This Hospital has been functional since 2006 and is catering not only for people in the surrounding area but also for people from distant places.

Medical science is a challenging, exciting and dynamic subject. Countless new discoveries are making their impact on medical practice. Doctors of our generation will see dramatic changes with the development of many new therapies in future, involving not only drugs, but also treatments arising from research. A number of skills and attributes have been identified that are considered as the 'core values' of doctors like Competence, Integrity, Spirit of inquiry, Confidentiality, Responsibility, Caring, Advocacy, Compassion, Commitment etc.

I am sure that the students admitted to this Medical College will make themselves true doctors by their sincere efforts as student with the aid of the excellent inputs of the Faculty. I believe one day they will definitely contribute to the health of the nation.

Medical profession is a rewarding career. Being a doctor involves learning about saving lives both formally and informally. There is a wide range of sociality in medicine in which a doctor can find a suitable career. The options may include becoming a Surgeon, Physician, Cardiologist, and Psychiatrist, Medical researcher or Public health Specialist.

The graduates of Sylhet Women's Medical College & Hospital will serve ailing people from all over the globe by excelling in their medical fields. This work will bring laurels to their motherland. Our mission is to serve the health needs of Bangladesh by education and by using health care professionals, of the highest international standard. It is also my aim to stimulate innovation through research. This is my dream.

I hope, you will join Sylhet Women's Medical College & Hospital with a goal of taking this organization to the highest level on the global academic map. Holy Sylhet Holding Limited is in the process of developing Modern 12 storage Student Hostel and Dental College and a Nursing College to create world standard quality dentists and registered nurses.

May Allah bless you all and give us a strength for serve our nation.

Dr Wali Tasar Uddin MBE FRSA DBA
Holy Sylhet Holding Limited, Owner of Sylhet Women's Medical College and Hospital