Sylhet Womens Medical College

Current year (2020) researches approved by the Institutional Research Board (IRB) of SWMC

Srl Name of the primary researcher Title Department Type of research Date of approval Funding Research period
1 Dr. Parveen Afroz Chowdhury Isolation, Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Dermatophytes and Non-dermatophytes Causing Onychomycosis. Skin & VD Cross-sectional 17/10/2020 Pharmaceutical & SUST 1 year
2 Dr. Ripan Chandra Baidhya Questionnaire based survey on standard peripheral intravenous cannula insertion practice performed by nurse practitioner in a tertiary care hospital. Cardiology Survey 17/10/2020 Self 7 days
3 Jayanta Debnath Factors determining the knowledge & Prevention of Nurses Towards COVID-19 at Tertiary Hospital. Nursing Survey 17/10/2020 Self 4 months
4 Dr. Miftaul Jannath Chowdhury Prevalence of Fluroquinolone and Third Generation Cephalosporins Resistance among the patients with urinary tract infection due to Escherichia coli. Pharmacology & Therapeutics Cross-sectional 17/10/2020 Self 1 year
5 Dr. Iffath Farooqui Undergraduate medical student’s orientation on patients right in healthcare services. Forensic medicine Cross-sectional 17/10/2020 Self 3 months
6 Dr. Farhana Selina Cross-sectional analytic study to compare the efficacy between of clinical skill learning (CSL) and multimedia lecture as teaching tool in case of endotracheal intubation. Anesthesiology Cross-sectional 17/10/2020 Self 2 months
7 Dr. Farhana Selina Cross-sectional analytic study to evaluate the change of mean blood pressure in different events of adult craniotomy patients. Anesthesiology Cross-sectional 17/10/2020 Self 2 years
8 Dr. Khandaker Abu Talha Retrospective Case-Control Study to Assess the Relative Risk (RR) of APOE Gene for Adult Hemorrhagic Stroke. Neurosurgery Case-control 17/10/2020 Self 2 years
9 Dr. Khandaker Abu Talha Case-control study to evaluate the risk of low cholesterol level for hemorrhagic stroke. Neurosurgery Case-control 17/10/2020 Self 2 years
10 Dr. Suma Begum Study of the level of awareness of COVID-19 among Doctor, Nurse, MLSS, Security guard & office staff in a tertiary care hospital. Biochemistry Survey 28/11/2020 Self 2 months
11 Dr. Fahim Ara Khanom Jenny Evaluation of quality control circle activities in improving delayed cord clamp rate of newborns during vaginal delivery and cesarean section. Gynae& Obstetrics Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 7 months
12 Dr. Syed Nadim Ahmed Handgrip strength and 6-minutes walk test in healthy individuals 18-60 years old. Physiology Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 4 months
13 Dr. Jilwatun Noor The bacterial profile and antibiotic susceptibility pattern among patients with suspected blood stream infections. Microbiology Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 6 months
14 Dr. Chowdhury Mohammad Walid Prevalence of low back pain among the nursing staffs of Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 2 months
15 Dr. Khandaker Abu Talha Cross sectional observational study to evaluate the relationship between biochemical markers and high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) of chest in COVID-19 suspected patients. Neurosurgery Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 3 months
16 Dr. Iffana Azam Post cesarean section surgical site infection: Incidence and Risk Factors- An observational study. Gynae & Obstetrics Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 1 year
17 Dr. Taharat Fatema Chowdhury Sleep habit and sleep related problems among medical students. Biochemistry Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 1 month
18 Dr. Khandaker Abu Talha SCOMUS- A multicenter cross sectional observational study to evaluate the relationship between the biochemical markers, high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) result of chest and respiratory support in COVID-19 suspected patients in four tertiary care hospital of Sylhet. Neurosurgery Cross-sectional 28/11/2020 Self 4 months