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Sylhet Womens Medical College

Sylhet Women's Medical College has long been associated with medical education. It is a part of our mission to assist in the training and education of superior physicians who will have a broad knowledge of medicine, excellent technical skills and mature, informed judgment.
We value the special dimension teaching brings to our services as a community hospital. The ability to offer our patients the latest in medical knowledge and expertise, and the dynamic medical environment which only teaching institutions possess, are significant enhancements to the care Sylhet Women's Medical College Hospital.  ....Read More

Principal of SWMC

Health care is one of the basic demands of human beings. It is a clearly defined right for the masses of people of a sovereign country. When the conscious citizens of a country spontaneously come forward to work jointly with national endeavors, it becomes quite easy to preserve and materialize human basic rights. In Bangladesh women constitute almost fifty percent of our population. To ensure healthcare for the womenfolk is a crying need. But the number of female doctors in our country is quite insufficient compared to a huge member of women. With a view to alleviating women health we established a medical college for women in this hilly city, situated to the north-east region of the country The government at once extended requisite supports. By the grace of Allah the merciful, Sythet Women's Medical College, like a spark, came into being in 2005. In the last seventeen years this college has produced lots of competent female physicians in the national level. Though the institution is skill at its primitive stage, we are toiling hard to attain international standard.

I convey endless gratitude to the esteemed directors, teachers, students and employees of this institution for their earnest dedication and cooperation.

With best wishes
Prof. Dr. Fazlur Rahim Kaiser
Sylhel Women’s Medical College

Facilities of SWMC

Office space for college administration and management.

Adequate classroom for all departments compatible for small group teaching.

Well equipped lecture galleries of international standard.

Adequate number of books with IT facilities in library for students.

Library with research facilities for teachers.

Auditorium and common room for the students.

Hostel facilities for students.

Well equipped laboratories for different departments.

Prayer facilities for staffs and students.

Cafeteria for students, doctors, staff and others at hospital premises.

Every department is provided with adequate number of teachers who have graduate and post graduate degree. Experienced, learned & renewed teachers.


Academic Wave of SWMC

Academic division is responsible for teaching medical students in accordance with the curriculum laid down by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council for MBBS degree under the University of Dhaka. The teaching doctrine employed by the college is based on the principle that provides a structured process of institutional teaching, which combines continuity and candour with an absolute obsession for perfection. The aim being to turn each and every medical student into medical graduates of advanced knowledge and expertise capable of matching the challenge of 21st centuary in terms of handing suffering humanity both during peace, natural disaster and war/aggression.

There are 4 phases in the process;
    1. Phase I (1.5 Year) including First Professional Examination. Subjects are Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry.
    2. Phase II (1 Year) including Second Professional Examination. Subjects are Forensic Medicine and Community Medicine.
    3. Phase III (1 Year) including Third Professional Examination. Subjects are Pharmacology, Pathology and Microbiology.
    4. Phase IV (1.5 Year) including Final Professional Examination. Subjects are Medicine, Surgery and Gynae & Obs.

Marks & pattern of questions in written examination in each subject are distributed as, 10% of the marks of written examination for formative assessment, 20% for MCQ and 70% for SAQ (Except in Community Medicine). There are separate answer scripts for MCQ examinations. Time allocation is 30 minutes for twenty MCQ questions for each written paper and two & half an hour for the SAQ questions. Pass mark 60%. Hons. Mark 85%.

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